A 7-day Meditation Program

The Priestess Cleanse is a seven-day guided meditation program that will connect you to your inner guidance system and inspire you to become the highest possible creative manifestation of your life starting right now. For seven days, commit to showing up for yourself in sacred space to align with source energy, activate your imagination, and create powerful intentions from this place of truth and clarity. The Priestess Cleanse will help remove creative blocks, release stagnant energy, and awaken a fresh perspective on creating the life you're meant to lead.

We hold within us the answers that we seek.

Working as a life coach over the last three years, I know most of us struggle with trusting ourselves, constantly seeking outside validation, clarity and confirmation. This is not surprising as we live in a world that constantly tells us how to feel, how to look, what to think and what to do. In this age of over-stimulation and multi-media, it's easy to lose track of our own inner compass; the guide that always leads us home, where we belong and where we're meant to be. In order for it to properly serve us, the relationship to our inner guidance system needs to be trusted. And just like any relationship, a trusted connection needs to be built, practiced, and cared for. The Priestess Cleanse is a seven-day commitment to opening, tuning, and renewing the trusted connection to your inner wisdom so that you may live with more vitality, power, and purpose.


Every day, for seven days, you will be taken on a seamless audio journey with guided meditation to connect you to your source, active imagination to ignite your creativity, and creative reflection to integrate it all. The Priestess Cleanse is inspired by:

The Priestess Archetype:

The Priestess is the guardian of inner wisdom. She is a feminine archetype (psychological pattern/prototype) who channels above to practice below. She is a conduit to her divine guidance, but does not live in the clouds. She takes what she learns and serves it back to herself, her community, and her world in creative, meaningful ways that are unique to her. The Priestess teaches us that we have the key that unlocks the answers that we seek and to trust ourselves. Each day throughout the Priestess Cleanse we will connect to our divine inner guidance first and then create intentions for our life based on that guidance.

The Chakra System:

There are seven major and central forces within our body called chakras. Each energy vortex represents an integral part of our whole being and serves as a portal between our inner and outer worlds. By attuning to our chakras and aligning the inner with the outer, we become more balanced, aware, and effective. Starting from the root and moving up through the crown, The Priestess Cleanse is designed to correspond with each of the seven chakras for holistic alignment. Working with this ancient wisdom tradition provides great insight into our overall health and well-being and offers a profound template for transformation.


Day 1 of The Priestess Cleanse will be delivered to your inbox immediately upon sign up and Day 2 will be delivered bright and early the next day. You have unlimited access to the meditations, so that you can rinse and repeat as necessary.

Each audio journey features an original musical score with soundscapes inspired by the individual experience.


Q: What is the format?
For seven consecutive days, you will receive a direct email from me containing everything you need for The Priestess Cleanse, so no need to worry about extra logins or passwords. Each email will contain a link to the audio recording that will seamlessly guide you from beginning to end.

Q: Can I buy it now, but start later?
Yes. The meditations will not expire, so you can tune in at any time. However, you will receive "Day 1" immediately after you sign up and the program will continue for seven consecutive days after that.

Q: How long will it take? 
Please carve out at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted time a day for The Priestess Cleanse. I suggest the morning as our channels are most creatively clear after a night of rest, but whatever fits your schedule best!

Q: Do I need any supplies?
I recommend a journal and pen to lock in your wisdoms for utmost manifestation power.

Q: I am a dude; can I do The Priestess Cleanse?
Yes! The Priestess Cleanse is not limited to those who are female-identifying. The Priestess is a feminine archetype that is accessible and lives within all human beings. We are all made up of feminine and masculine qualities, regardless of our gender.

Q: Who are you?
I'm Meredith and I will be your guide. Over the past six years, I've led countless humans through transcendent healing, meditative and creative journeys, from groups of 1 to 100. It's my favorite thing to do and is probably the thing that comes most naturally to me. I am a certified life coach, yoga teacher, film and theatre director. You can find more about me on my bio and services page.

Meredith possesses an otherworldly wisdom that is beyond her years.
— Marielle Horan | Brooklyn, NY
Wanted to drop you some praise for your beautiful, deep and powerful chakra meditation cleanse! I did it the consecutive 7 days and literally woke up with intense enthusiasm just to do it! I really feel more aligned and balanced after completing it, and it helped me hone in on my stronger/weaker chakras. I could feel my throat chakra was blocked—as many intuitives like to point out to me. :) I am going to revisit the series again, and specifically hone in on the throat chakra meditation with intention.
— Kristin Butler | Austin, TX
Thank you so much for this!!! So good, your voice is so soothing! I’m gonna do it one more time right now! Thank you.
— Pilar Torcal | New York, NY
I came away with visions of being free and fearless. Thank you Meredith. The universe brought you to me when I needed you and I am thankful. Your presence and voice is a gift.
— Annmarie Molina | Milwaukee, WI
You blew me away with your wisdom and kindness once again. Thank you for creating this for all of us.
— Lin Laurin | Los Angeles, CA
I wanted to share what I drew the other day after Day 1 of The Priestess Cleanse. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your work. I’m in awe of your gifts.
— Jorli Peña | Piermont, NY