I feel very blessed to have worked with Meredith, who took my performance in the award winning feature film “Imagine I’m Beautiful” to the next level. Meredith created a safe, almost sacred working environment, in which the work at hand became the core focus and growth as an actor inevitable. Meredith’s extensive training and technical knowhow, combined with her high emotional intelligence and understanding of the human condition were the fundamental pillars that she masterfully harnessed with a strong work ethic and a sheer joy of discovery, which she relentlessly shared with us actors. We had many a powerful, spiritual moment when working on scenes - both in rehearsal and on set - and also a great many laughs. She is one of the most humane, understanding, and kind souls I’ve ever had the chance to work with, and there will always be a place for her in my heart.
— Jan Kutrzeba | Actor | jankutrzeba.com | New York, NY
Meredith is a true actor’s director. My favorite moments on set were watching her interact with the actors in between takes, working through the material collaboratively and figuring out, together, where the scene was meant to go. She’s a director, artist, collaborator, and most of all, a true visionary.
— Caitlin Gold | Manager, Sales & Distribution | Lionsgate | New York, NY
Meredith is an extraordinary soul. She is a beautiful, grounded, thoughtful, strong presence to have in any room.

As a creative partner, she has great vision for her work, which she has the confidence and grace to pursue to its fullest extent. She is a patient and generous collaborator who is excited to passionately debate the large and small details of a project - a quality I value most highly. I know that she would bring an invaluable clarity, creative vision, openness, and passion to any project she works or consults on.

As an actor, she is unequivocally one of my favorite directors to work with. Her deep intuitiveness, keen and rigorous creative sense, and gentle patience give her the ideal toolkit to work with actors and the important ability to adapt her working style to the needs of a specific performer. She knows how to work with actors from the core of themselves out, all the while creating a free, creative space in which the actors feel liberated to try things and to create. I always felt able to trust her to guide me to my best performance, to catch me when I fell, and to keep working from a place of generosity until I arrived where I needed to be.
— Naomi McDougall Jones | Actress, Writer, Producer | naomimcdougalljones.com | New York, NY
Meredith and I co-produced Degeneration X together with two other women. She is one of the most extraordinary people I have ever worked with. As a director she is intuitive, imaginative, sharp and flexible. On film sets she has a bright and lovely presence that gives light to those around her, and she manages to stay calm in any thinkable situation. She has an amazing eye for detail, a wonderful sense of aesthetic and a heart full of passion. Working with Meredith was simply a fantastic experience.
— Lin Laurin | Actor, Producer, Filmmaker | linlaurin.com | Los Angeles, CA