Meredith possesses an otherworldly wisdom that is beyond her years. Everything she touches turns to gold, and this retreat was no exception. Imaginative, transportive, and transformative, it reconnected my heart strings and gave me the courage to live my truth and embody my highest self. I emerged awakened and renewed, smiling at strangers and delighting in my newfound peace and clarity. Fairy dusty emanating from her head and a delicate, healing wand gracing her hand, Meredith *will* change the world. And I’m grateful to be a part of the magic.
— Marielle Horan | Brooklyn, NY
I’m on an after workshop high (even after only 4 hours of sleep)! It was an incredible weekend, I’m so grateful I was introduced to the Pathways through your guidance and encouragement, and I’m so grateful for the extremely generous discount you offered. So much to process, in all the different ways that insight seeps into our beings and transforms us from the inside out. I just finished my Values booklet and feel so proud and inspired by it! I’m displaying it where I can see and refer to it often. Thank you again so much for being the brave, intuitive person that you are. I feel very blessed to benefit from your wisdom and experience.

After spending the weekend honoring what I strive for, what I struggle with and what I dream about, I left the Sacred Space workshop feeling more love for myself and more clarity about what I’m seeking and contributing in life. With the caring, creative guidance of Meredith, the unwavering support of the other women and my own deep desire to fully inhabit myself, I dove inward and emerged with such a rich understanding of my needs and values. I’m so excited to go forth and really claim this beautifully authentic identity of mine that shone through this weekend.
— Jalyn Knobloch | Brooklyn, NY
I started life coaching sessions with Meredith Edwards about 6 months ago and my life has completely transformed! She has an incredible gift of listening in a judgement free environment, while offering advice and exercises to help you gain the most out of your life. She has the ability to steer you in the right direction without telling you what to do. When we began our sessions, I was going through a divorce and felt very lost as to where my life was going. I had terrible anxiety, felt lonely and sad, and wasn’t spiritually connected to anything...I was simply existing day to day. Since starting my sessions, I meditate regularly, I have learned to control my anxiety without medication, and really understand how to be present and at peace with my life. Meredith is an incredibly gifted, sincere, and caring life coach who really connects with you on a spiritual level and can change your life. I would highly recommend Meredith for anyone looking to enhance their daily lives.
— Megan Cross | Account Executive | Charleston, SC
Meredith is a gem. I have attended her new moon circles, received reiki sessions, and had the pleasure of being coached by her on multiple occasions. She listens deeply and in a present, intuitive way that leaves you feeling seen, heard, and empowered to become your greatest self. She establishes a space where you feel safe to show up exactly as you are, she helps pinpoint blocks and places you feel stuck in a gentle and understanding way, and she encourages action and an honoring of oneself in order to move forward on an authentic path towards growth and expansion. I am so very grateful for all of the ways she has guided me to transform and I would recommend her to anyone needing support on the path of fuller creative expression and self-discovery.
— Helen Buron | Healer & Health Coach | helenburon.com | St. Paul, Minnesota
I went to Meredith’s very first moon circle, and I have been a regular patron since. Meredith has a wonderful ability to guide women from all walks of life through these powerful healing circles. Each time I go I leave inspired and motivated. This summer I also went to Meredith’s two day workshop “Pathways to Alignment” and I really loved it. I would truly recommend her services to anybody who is looking to either do some soul searching or just simply feel more connected to life in general. To me it’s honestly a more fun alternative to therapy.
— Lin Laurin | Actor, Producer, Filmmaker | linlaurin.com | Los Angeles, CA
Meredith, and all the other powerful, amazing women who created that sacred energy last night, I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am to have released so much and to have gotten so many of my core needs met. Release that I didn’t know I needed, and the identification of needs I had difficulty articulating before the ritual. I feel a lightness today that I didn’t come to the circle with last night. The experience surpassed my expectations and I feel so fortunate that we all had this sacred space held for us. I loved it all and can’t wait for the next one. Blessed be, wise women!
— Elaine D. | Filmmaker | New York, NY