a four-week program
one on one with Meredith

Art by Davis Ayer

Art by Davis Ayer

The universe intends that you become the highest possible creative manifestation of yourself in this lifetime. You are meant to thrive, not just survive. You owe it to yourself, your community, and the world; it's why you are here. Spring is about stepping up and out into your highest light and rising to your fullest creative possibility. You don't have to do it alone; I can help you get there. This four-week intensive is structurally inspired by and based upon the elements to cover all the bases for creative transformation inside and out.

Week One:

Lay it down

Grounding & Support
Establishing Connection & Experiencing the Moment

Utilizing Natural Resources
Exploring Needs & Values

Where am I now? Where am I going?
"I need... I value... I am..."


Week Two:

Dream it up

Breathing & Spaciousness

Creative Visualization
Expanding the View & Perspective
What does it look like? What do I want it to look like?
"I think... I wish... I dream..."


Week Three:

Let it flow

Feeling & Receiving
Emotional Freedom
Sensory Activation
Embracing the Shadow
How does it feel? How do I want it to feel?
"I feel... I sense... I desire..."


Week Four:

Live it out

Doing & Giving
Passion & Celebration
Empowering the Plan
Establishing Action & Strategy
What will I do? How will I do it?
"I will... I won't... I create..."



  • Four 90 minute transformational coaching sessions (one per week) with me over Skype or Phone
  • Four creative worksheets (one per week) with feedback from me
  • Weekly, Monday-Friday, direct email guidance and support from me
  • Access to me and all my resources, tools, and contacts



  • You seek creative and/or spiritual transformation
  • You are lost, confused, or feel uninspired in your life
  • You seek clarity in your purpose and passion
  • You have a creative project aching to be born
  • You are struggling with your current creative project
  • You feel detached from your creative spirit
  • You want to burst through limiting beliefs and blocks
  • You want to walk the path of the priestess
  • You want to be the artist of your life


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*Due to the nature of this work, I will only be taking a select number of clients per month.

Which of the elements do you feel called to the most? *
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About meredith:

Meredith is an ICF certified holistic life coach, award-winning filmmaker, theatre director, creative project consultant, and modern day priestess who works one on one to guide you in becoming the highest possible creative manifestation of yourself in this lifetime.

Meredith will travel with you underneath the surface where truth lies and creativity flows using pathways such as guided meditation, creative visualization, oracle card wisdom, astrology, creativity exercises, empowering questions, experiencing the moment, exploring needs and values, embracing the shadow, envisioning the future, expanding the view, deep listening, and simple, authentic, human connection.

Meredith works holistically and intuitively; she will always meet you exactly where you are without judgment or expectation.

Meredith possesses an otherworldly wisdom that is beyond her years.
— Marielle Horan | Brooklyn, NY
Meredith establishes a space where you feel safe to show up exactly as you are; she helps pinpoint blocks and places you feel stuck in a gentle and understanding way, and encourages action and an honoring of oneself in order to move forward on an authentic path towards growth and expansion.
— Helen Buron | Healer & Health Coach | St. Paul, Minnesota
To me, it’s honestly a more fun alternative to therapy.
— Lin Laurin | Actor, Producer, Filmmaker | Los Angeles, CA
I started life coaching sessions with Meredith Edwards about 6 months ago and my life has completely transformed! Since starting my sessions, I meditate regularly, I have learned to control my anxiety without medication, and really understand how to be present and at peace with my life.
— Megan Cross | Account Executive | Charleston, SC
I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am to have released so much and to have gotten so many of my core needs met.
— Elaine D. | Filmmaker | New York, NY
Thank you again so much for being the brave, intuitive person that you are. I feel very blessed to benefit from your wisdom and experience.
— Jalyn Knobloch | Brooklyn, NY

Meredith Edwards is a CPC, Certified Professional Coach, as accredited by the International Coach Federation.