The Power of Perception

Try reframing every time you say or think you “have to” do something to “get to”.

I “have to” work out. You “get to” work out. You have an able, healthy body that moves through this world for you!

I “have to” go grocery shopping. You “get to” conveniently go to a store and pick out what you want to eat from a surplus of food choices because all of the hard work was already done for you.

I “have to” go to work. You “get to” go to a job (that hopefully you love, otherwise, that’s on you) and give your time, talents and energy, that in return, pays you money to sustain your life.

See what I mean?

A shift in perspective has the ability to change everything. “A Course in Miracles” says a miracle is caused by a shift in perception. A freaking miracle! I know this to be true.

There are many ways to practice this life-changing, miracle-inducing technique.

These techniques absolutely changed my life over 10 years ago when I was in a dark place. And since then, I’ve learned so much more. I know them well and want to offer them back to you.

Tune in with me below to get unstuck and expand your view.

Warning: Miracles may occur!

[via Instagram Live on March 25, 2019]